Zuzanna Bartecka began her adventure with knitwear when she was studying biochemistry on the University of Wroclaw. During her classes, among various apparatuses, pipettes and test tubes she always had a set of knitting needles and woolen yarn at hand under her desk.

Her first creations were sweaters-landscapes – real or imaginary. They were so innovative, that the Ministry of Culture and Art awarded her with a indefinite permit to perform the occupation of artist of fabric and knitwear.

She has been experimenting with linen for 17 years, which at that time was a yarn rarely used for knitwear. She explains her fascination with linen by the fact, that no other yarn gives one such possibilities of texturing, shading and playing with different weaves, only with linen can they be so expressively accentuated.

With the passage of time linen acquires refinement – the longer it is worn, washed and exposed to sunlight the more soft and delicate it becomes and gains verdigris, it loses its’ initial roughness. Linen adapts itself to the bodyline, it cools in summer and retains heat in winter. Linen is not allergenic and is characterized by healthy negative ionization.

The production process is difficult, but the outcome is well worth the effort. New knitting machines would not be able to handle this unusual yarn that is why Zuzanna Bartecka trusts only in the older models of knitting machines, she constantly supervises the production process and personally verifies the quality of the knitted material. It is not an uncommon phenomena in the company for people to spontaneously swag bits and pieces of fabric on mannequins, which leads to the creation of unique designs that inspire a collection.

Felt is another material that has gained Zuzanna Bartecka’s greater attention. She herself had designed a special technology of producing it, that allows felt to gain a new face. Uncanny coats, jackets, shawls, hats, skirts and dresses are being made.

The latest idea that broadens the offer of the company is a fanciful combination of linen and felt.